Swimming in the Mud

Navigating Life’s Ups and Downs Without Drowning


We have moments of clarity.  We have moments of confusion.  No matter who you are, how good your life seems, everyone has or will have their turn at swimming in the mud.

The trick with swimming in the mud is kinda simple… whatever you do, don’t stop swimming.  The moment you stop, you’re going under.  And if you think it’s tough making your way on the murky surface, it’s even worse finding your way if you allow yourself to slip under even once.  This much I know, whatever you do… keep swimming.

As for me, I’m working on my backstroke.

Catch up with you soon.

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Hi! My name is Sue. I started this blog (the first of many) in 2011.

From the beginning and throughout almost two years of sharing on this blog, I thought of “swimming in the mud” in the struggling sense. It had been a visceral metaphor for my frame of mind when I first started writing, where I tended to touch more on these topics:

Death; Tragedy and Trauma; Mental Health challenges; Chronic Physical Illness; Divorce; the repercussions of Unresolved Childhood Trauma;  the threat of Job Loss; Long-Term Unemployment; Financial Setbacks and Uncertainty; Isolation from Family and Friends; Familial Rifts; Loss of Identity; Ageism; striving to Align Vocation with Life Purpose.

In 2013, I clearly surfaced and saw that the “mud” is also healing. That’s when the duality of “swimming in the mud” finally resonated, which allowed me to expand further into these topics:

Love; Hope; Connection to Nature; Connection to the Universe; Serendipity; Gratitude; Connection to Self; Connection to Others; Spiritual Growth; Emotional Evolution; Awareness; Healing; Forgiveness; Acceptance; Being Present; Staying Positive; Humor; Fueling Creativity; Playing.

Was it by chance I started with a murky metaphor for my blog name that would suit me well into the healing phase as well? I don’t think so. Serendipity and synchronicity have had a stronger presence in my life than chance. I truly believe that is so because I am heading in a healing direction. I am emotionally evolving and spiritually growing, and I know I am not alone in that journey.

I expect that I will at times struggle in the mud and at other times play in the mud, but now I am comforted in knowing that it all occupies the same space. It is all a part of me and as long as I am aware that it is within my control to simply view my situations in an opposite light, I will find the peace inside me that I long for. I endeavor to share these struggles and inspiration with you so that you may find peace, too.

20 thoughts on “Swimming in the Mud

  1. Love sloshing in mud – literally. Was a camp counselor once and we had one week where it rain 100% of the time. We made those kids hike and slop in the mud despite all the dirty clothes we had to wash.They had a blast. It’s very free-ing. Probably that’s what’s wrong these days – no time to play in the mud….lesson for life?

  2. Think like Dory (Finding Nemo). “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, just keep swimming!” 🙂 She doesn’t however swim in mud. Great work on the backstroke. 🙂

  3. This is a great post. I like the comparison of ‘life’s confusion’ with swimming in the mud – because there is sometimes a temptation to give up – but not if it means that you sink!

    • Why, thank you! I’ve been here before (swimming in the mud) but frankly under worse circumstances. This time, though quite unnerving (feeling completely displaced work-wise), has at least the shimmers of hope on the surface that keep me hanging in there just enough.

    • Thanks. I’ve been playing around with it today–Obviously! As you can see!!! I’d better stop now before I mess it all up!!!! 🙂

    • Ah hah! I have a name to call you! 🙂 Now, all I have to do is remember it! (Can you help me with my inability to remember people’s names? That would be helpful. 😉 )

      Seriously, though, I’m happy to be connected with you as well, Deborah. Maybe we can help EACH OTHER on the way to wherever we’re going.

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