Forgiveness / Relationships

Perhaps my favorite reading so far on the topic of Forgiveness . . .

“Today I am willing for healing to take place in ruptured relationships. I have been doing the best that I can. My acknowledgment that I may have hurt someone else in no way disparages me. I have also been hurt, and I extend the same understanding to myself that I do to others. We have all been doing the best that we can. My willingness to make amends speaks to my spiritual growth and desire for honesty. Making amends to others sets things straight with myself. My self-respect is growing to the extent that I am no longer comfortable with unfinished business. I will finish up my side for my own self and allow the rest to be where it is. It is for myself that I make amends; I do not need to control the result.”

— From “Daily Affirmations For Forgiving & Moving On”

by Tian Dayton, Ph.D.

This quote is from one of my favorite daily affirmation books. The subtitle of the book is “Powerful Inspiration for Personal Change,” and that it is. If you struggle at all with forgiving someone or with their inability to forgive you, I promise you will find this gem of a book very helpful. Personally, I love the concept of daily affirmations on a particular topic, especially one as important to our growth as forgiveness. The way I see it, forgiveness is almost an art, something that can only be learned gradually. Every day you practice and get a little better at it, seeking the ultimate goal… to create something beautiful that reflects what lives inside you.

In case you are interested:  ISBN 1-55874-215-8

8 thoughts on “Perhaps my favorite reading so far on the topic of Forgiveness . . .

  1. An effective replacement for the negative self-talk that seems to pervade: the fear of failure, of sin, of looking stupid, foolish, ugly etc.. etc.. etcetera! Thank-you.

    • You’re most welcome. I really felt this one was worth sharing. I’ve had this book for years and every time I pick it up (usually when I need some guidance) within a few days I’ve hit on something really relevant.

  2. What a beautiful quote! I especially like the part that we cannot be attached to the outcome. I had an incident in my life a few years ago, when I felt that I had to apologize for something that I’d done. When I went to the person and sincerely apologized, all they did was gloat. But I just smiled and walked away. For indeed, I apologized because I felt that it was righting the wrong that I had done. How it was accepted didn’t matter to me. I apologized so I could forgive myself and move on….and so I was able to move on without beating myself up in the process.

    • Yes, that point is really key. Many of us have this idea that ‘closure’ is necessary and that closure entails a two-way agreement on the thing being apologized for, a handshake between both parties that all is well. Even when we might know that this outcome is not likely in most cases, it seems to be something we still cling to when it comes to freeing ourselves of that heavy burden.

    • Thanks. When I come to certain realizations while doing ‘something else,’ I am reminded that we all are philosophers, yogis, teachers, and yes, students too (perhaps first and foremost). So much that we intuitively know if just given some space from our problems or concerns.

  3. ….I will finish up my side for my own self and allow the rest to be where it is…..

    So so true….even when the ‘wrong’ is created by another persons perception that they have been wronged….you still have to park it….

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