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Get Your Laugh On: International Happiness Day

I know I can be so serious on this blog . . . all contemplative and questioning–all blah-blah-blah-[and-then-I-thought]-blah-blah-blah–but the fact of the matter is I laugh A LOT or at least try to. If I didn’t, I’d have been dead or insane a long time ago.

lemons life laughter International Happiness Day

Sometimes you just gotta laugh!!!

Anyone who knows me well is familiar with my spontaneous, loud laugh. It resonates from deep within my core. Sometimes Often I have to apologize for letting it out in the moment I feel it. Sometimes I completely hold it in because lots of folks don’t like to laugh (strangely enough) and seem bothered by you if you do. I wish they would give it a try themselves because it’s so infectious, makes anyone look fabulous, and would probably make me like them a little bit more (maybe a LOT bit more). If nothing else, feeling it’s okay to laugh is so liberating for me because it’s part of my whole package. I have a serious, intellectual side, and I have an extremely light-hearted, silly side. I feel claustrophobic if I can’t let both sides coexist around others. Frankly, a lot of things strike me as funny. If I could capture in a bottle every beverage I’ve ever expelled through my nose in my lifetime caused by erupting in laughter, I could put Pepsi and Coke out of business!

life lemons laughter response

When life throws you lemons . . .


I love to laugh. My ability to laugh the way I do is the one quality I really treasure about myself. Nothing–and I mean NOTHING–makes me feel as good as a gut-wrenching, hearty laugh. It’s an amazingly satisfying, spontaneous release of concentrated energy and I can experience it often if I simply look at life the right way—you know, by getting in the goof-groove.

I goof around with my partner all the time. We’re like a couple of kids. If left unattended, we get pretty ridiculous. Our goal seems to be to make each other crack-up or at least smile. The more we do it, the easier it is to do it… to laugh… even if we’re doing nothing other than dodging the lemon-grenades life lobs at us.

Everyone has troubles. Nobody avoids getting knocked-upside-the-head by life unless they’re disengaged from living altogether. So, as long as life is lobbing you with lemons, why not stick your tongue back out at those lemons, sweeten it up with some funny faces, and dance the funky turkey? You just might get so carried away, you’ll forget what started you funky dancing in the first place. And really, does it even matter?

spring happiness laughter heals

Spring is springing! What’s not to be happy about?


Wednesday, March 20, is an International Day of Happiness. It’s also the First Day of Spring. So, get your HAPPY on, and get a little SPRING in your step!

spring sun happiness trees

This is my first spring season here . . . wonder what kind of tree this is; so far, she’s beautiful–smiling brightly and stretching her arms up to the warm sun!

Have an awesome week, everyone! I’m heading off to visit my Mom. She’s one of the sources of my happy genes and a fellow accomplice in boldly facing a lemon-lobbing life with a healthy round of laughter! (Thanks, Mom!)

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone!  If you didn’t get to check out my post about my Irish heritage (along with Welsh and Lithuanian), check out where else I get my happy genes from and what definitely makes me happy: Irish Soda Bread!


Do you laugh a lot, too? If so, who is(/are) your partner(s) in crime who you can count on to join in with you??

Do you have a coping mechanism when life seems like it’s sticking it to you? What is it? What do YOU do?

Do you have a particular quality about yourself that you feel grateful for?

Is your garden or yard showing any signs of spring yet?

4 thoughts on “Get Your Laugh On: International Happiness Day

    • Well, I used to live in New York where everyone is loud. So, no problem. But living in other states (like the south where ladies are supposed to be ladies) and now in southern CA (where it seems more important to be thought cool and unaffected), it always seems out of place.

      Glad you enjoyed the pictures. C’mon, Spring… we’re ready!!! 🙂

  1. If you don’t laugh you would probably cry lot considering the news and all the possible personal hardships life brings. Laughter gets the endorphins going and helps one to put things into perspective.

    Enough said. Get up and go have a good laugh!

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