Joyful Living

I often find value in the wisdom shared at “the_tovarysh_connection.” Today is one of those (many) days. I often require the ‘reminder’ that we are spirits operating in a vessel. I fully believe that we are here in physical form simply to advance the lessons of our souls. Intellectually, I am aware of and fully embrace this, but, alas, the day-to-day of living sometimes distracts me from this inner knowledge. And that’s okay. It’s all part of Swimming in the Mud. πŸ™‚


There is joy all around you.
There is joy within you.
Feel the joy, share the joy.
And change the world.

Dear One, joy is a part of your make-up. This is a piece of who you are. Accept this truth and begin to allow yourself to feel the joy within and around you. The well is too deep to ever go dry. Dip your entire being into this eternal water of being and see how your life will change.

We understand that there are many difficulties here upon this plane that appear unrelenting and burdensome as you move within your physical existence. But remember that this is but a temporary state for you. Remember that this physical world is just an illusion for you to exist within while you learn the lessons that you chose to learn on this journey. The knowledge that you bring back will serve the…

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4 thoughts on “Joyful Living

  1. Thank you so much, Sue, for the reblog. I’m right there with you trying to see and feel the presence of joy every moment of my day. And its there, hidden under the cobwebs.

    I wanted to share this link with you that I heard about from the Center for Sacred Studies. I think its worth considering as its free, online and you can listen to the presentations up to 48 hours after they are given. Namaste.

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