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Dedicated to the One(s) I Love

freedom of choice

This weekend, I dedicate myself to me. I have one goal in mind: to allow myself an entire weekend of strictly creative pursuits.

Since that sounds entirely selfish, let me acknowledge first and foremost that this is Memorial Day weekend, and the mere fact I can consider a weekend of creative pursuits is due in large part to the freedoms allotted me via the blood, sweat, and tears of countless U.S. veterans who have died throughout centuries of this country’s existence. I will remember them and their supportive families this weekend as I gather with friends and loved ones and share a moment of silence. I will thank every veteran I encounter for their service to our grateful and sometimes ungrateful country. And then I will honor them by exercising some of the freedoms afforded me by their efforts–specifically, the freedom of choice.

Consider this:

The core of inner peace is believing in possibility, believing in choice, believing we can affect change in our own lives. For me, nothing expresses or taps into the essence of possibility, choice, and change quite like creativity. And the simple act of allowing myself this selfishness (as in giving consideration to my own needs and frame of mind) may be the greatest expression of my personal freedom and the nicest thing I’ve done for myself all year long.

What will YOU do with your weekend?



  • First and foremost, this is Memorial Day weekend, so take a moment to bow your head in remembrance of U.S. veterans who have died for your freedom, for your right to possibility, choice, and change.
  • Seek opportunities for some creative pursuits.
  • Go ahead! Be a bit selfish (if only for a few minutes here and there). Strike a balance. Find your inner peace.
  • Make room for self-love, and be kind to yourself. It can be done, even, especially, and perhaps most essentially, when your experiences in the world around you are not particularly kind.

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