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Birds are Singing For Me and My Gal

bird of paradise, birds of paradise, in bloom, in garden

In the three years I’ve been in California, my Birds of Paradise never bloomed. These beautiful tropical flowers are my Mom’s favorite. They line the walkway to her front door, leading me to Mom every time I visit. I’ve wanted so much for mine to blossom, to keep me connected in some way to Mom on a daily basis. But unlike Mom’s Birds, mine would not spread their wings and sing. It was only this week when my Mom was preparing to undergo a serious medical procedure and I was filled with anxiety that mine blossomed, as if to say to me, “Don’t worry, Sue. Everything is going to be okay.”

Well everything did turn out okay this week. Mom is safe from immediate harm and is recuperating with family members close by, as it should be, as I hoped it would be, as I believed it would be.

I cannot adequately express the joy I’m feeling with my own words, so I’ll let Judy Garland and Gene Kelly do it for me. And like the sign above their piano says “Where There’s Music, There’s Love,” so I dedicate the song “For Me and My Gal” to my Mom. . . .

I love you, Mom.


7 thoughts on “Birds are Singing For Me and My Gal

  1. Sue: A nice tribute to your Mother, and a wonderful remembrance of Gene
    Kelly and Judy Garland. Your bird of paradise is beautiful! Hope all is fine in
    California. Erma

  2. I am so glad your mother is doing well.

    There is nothing better sometimes than the old movies and movie stars, they had a class about them, didn’t they. Loved how this just worked its way perfectly. The Birds of Paradise are beautiful.

    • Thanks, Val. Mom’s instilled so many song lyrics in my head thru the years (she loves to sing and play the piano) that it’s hard not to connect back to classic songs like this randomly throughout the day. Hope life is treating you well.

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