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Morning Coffee AFFIRMATIONS #2: Always Learning

Life Checklist

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“If you think you’re done, you’re done.” True enough statement, right?

Paid the bills? Check. Fed the dog? Check. Scheduled the appointment? Check.

These are no-brainers. Black and white as coffee and milk. They are finite tasks, largely under your control. When you’re done, you truly are done.

But what if your checklist item involves interacting with other people, perhaps difficult people, requiring their cooperation to get the job done—that’s a wrench that can quickly turn a purring engine into a clanging conundrum. In a blink, that one checklist item could spawn a brand new checklist, which might spawn another, and another.

And what if your checklist includes tackling items of a tall order—CHALLENGES or ASPIRATIONS deeply affecting YOU and YOUR LIFE, those items on your “SELF CHECKLIST”?

Discover your passion? Check. That is . . . until your passion no longer feels like your passion.

Become a [fill in the blank with your chosen career title]? Check. That is . . . until you become that chosen career title and find that you are constantly, barely scratching the surface of what you want and need to know.

Be happy? Check. That is . . . until you discover you are no longer happy.

Fact of the matter is, when it comes to a checklist that intimately relates to YOU and YOUR FUTURE, you’re never done.

You may think you’re done and may even be stunned when you suspect or realize you’re not. But take heart! Figuring out how to keep your mental and emotional engine purring is an ongoing process. Unless you plan on making it your life’s mission to stunt your intellectual and emotional growth, try embracing the fact that self-observation with the intent of self-learning and ultimately intellectual and emotional growth is an ongoing, lifetime pursuit, critical to the optimal cadence/stroke of your mental and emotional engine.

When it comes to YOU and YOUR FUTURE . . .

for, rest assured, they’ll be back again.


At times in your life, you’re a teacher,
deftly guiding others with your wealth of acquired knowledge and wisdom.

But often, if not MOST OF THE TIME,
and always in good company among oceans of fellow “life students.”

TODAY’S AFFIRMATION . . . Say it with me! . . .

“I am willing to change my expectations of myself for the betterment of myself. My laziness or my over-confidence may have me thinking my work is done, but deep down, I know better. My work on my emotional and intellectual self is NEVER done. The day I say my work is done is the day my opportunities for unimaginable, infinite growth are done.”


“I will embrace the concept of infinite self-growth, so the precious opportunities that await me are mine to capture and act upon.”


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