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Still Learning Wise and Wonderful Lessons From Mom

My wise and wonderful mom. At age 17, she already looked a heck of a lot wiser than I am at age 50+. A beautiful woman, inside and out.

Just when I suppose I’ve learned all I can from my mom, she says something simple that shines a light on my periodic limited thinking–the kind of thinking that is self-centered or petty. I’ll never know whether she does it on purpose (meant as a passive, gentle guiding nudge) or whether it’s my own evolving, emerging awareness that is allowing me to look honestly at myself and see in what ways I still need to grow.

I think it’s a little of both.

With age comes wisdom. Mom has shared an immense wealth of wisdom with me through the years, much of which I’m still trying to actively apply to everyday life.

Hearing words of wisdom and witnessing wise words “in action” is one thing . . . applying that wisdom to ourselves is much more challenging. It requires our awareness, our intention to do the same, our commitment to evolving as we too grow older and hopefully wiser.

Today and every day, I’m grateful for my wise and wonderful mother, who continues to grow and continues to inspire me to do the same.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

And Happy Mother’s Day to all you wise, wonderful women out there!



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2 thoughts on “Still Learning Wise and Wonderful Lessons From Mom

    • 🙂 I see an all-knowing, everything-will-be-all-right being in that softness. I suppose that’s the way I’ve always thought of my mom and probably always will. There aren’t enough words . . . ❤

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