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Resist, Persist, Insist: U2’s 2017 Concert Tour Honors HERoic Women

The 2017 U2 Joshua Tree concert tour was the most powerful concert experience I have ever had, jam packed with thought provoking imagery and deep meaning, including a heavy tipping of the hat to the strength and unfathomable hope of some truly amazing women.

Read about it here on my Teardrop Adventures blog:

Reach Out and Touch Her: U2’s 2017 Concert Tour Honors HERoic Women

If you get the chance, do yourself a favor and watch the entire concert or at least pieces of it on YouTube. The last third of it contains a lengthy tribute to the brave women of the world. It reminds us that we are all brave. Whether or not we have yet to find our own voices, we need to know that if we can envision it, we can be it. If we can cling to what seems to others like unfathomable hope, we can create what we see in our hearts.

Thanks, U2, for sharing this important message on such a global scale.

In Solidarity with all the Amazing Women of the World,

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