SWIMMING IN THE MUD: Navigating Life’s Ups and Downs Without Drowning

We have moments of clarity.  We have moments of confusion.  No matter who you are, how good your life seems, everyone has or will have their turn at swimming in the mud.

The trick with swimming in the mud is kinda simple… whatever you do, don’t stop swimming.  The moment you stop, you’re going under.  And if you think it’s tough making your way on the murky surface, it’s even worse finding your way if you allow yourself to slip under even once.  This much I know, whatever you do… keep swimming.

As for me, I’m working on my backstroke.

Catch up with you soon.

Sue J signature

IMG_4863 - Copy

Still working on my fear of heights!

Hi! My name is Sue. I started this blog (the first of many) in 2011. I thoroughly enjoy writing personal essays where I have a chance to explore the topics that come up on my radar that I think other people might relate to. My very first post on Swimming in the Mud expands on the topics I tend to cover; check it out here:   First post on Swimming in the Mud

Since I started blogging, I have somehow become a published writer/author–the first time by accident, and the second time by sheer effort. I wrote a nonfiction article for a full-page spread in the June 2015 issue of the national magazine, Parachutist, and a true short story of mine is in the 2016 edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angels and Miracles. I constantly struggle with my desire to write about real life and with actually sharing those thoughts with others. It’s often difficult to do, but I hope I never give up on the quest.


17 thoughts on “About

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  2. Well hello! It dawns on me that I have not yet told me how your fabulous profile picture scares me a little as I keep thinking you’re going to fall off! Please don’t. I do hope your chair is well secured at all times. Blu-Tac won’t do it. Try nails. 😉

    Please keep doing what you are doing. You and your blog are fabulous! 🙂

    Oh and I have now moved. Am not sending out ‘New Home’ cards due to the outrageous price of stamps, but I wanted to give you my forwarding address, so we can keep in touch: http://www.jessseeker.com I do hope you like it. I have made a new video to welcome you in out of the cold. Please make sure you pop in for a cup of tea and a biscuit every now and then! 🙂

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    • Thank so much, Karen!! So sweet of you to nominate me. I’m glad you get a chance to pop in and have a read every now and then. I enjoy your blog as well and wish you success and satisfaction in your blogging endeavors!

  4. It’s lovely to meet you Sue. I’m really writing to thank you for the follow, but while I’m here, I enjoyed your “about” page and I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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